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Bacano! Anime Action, Mystery, Comedy Review

This Bacano! anime that aired in summer 2007 has been attracting my attention for a long time. But just watched yesterday – yesterday.

Title: Bacano!
Release Date: 27 July 2007
Episodes: 13
Duration: 23 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Action, Mystery, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural
Story Source: Light novel
Studio: Brain’s Base

Bacano! 01Bacano! Synopsis

Taking the story around the 1930s, this anime tells the life of the mafia and scientists who cannot die.
The most dominant characters are Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent.

They are both energetic and optimistic thieves. Until one day, they have to clash with the mafia.

Bacano! 02Bacano! Storyline

The story of this anime is set in the west. More precisely in America, with the time set in the 1930s. The story is difficult to explain because of the many points of view.

What is clear about people who have the power to live forever. Hmm, maybe not power, because Obtaining such immortality is quite simple.

By drinking the water given by the devil. That’s roughly what they call it. However, whoever drinks it, even though he will live forever, there are still restrictions. Namely must mention the real name, can not be fake. When bored to live, and want to die.

Then they can come to people who are immortal and ask to be eaten. The person who will eat it just puts his hand on his head and thinks about eating it. Then the person who is eaten will disappear and never come back. Also, the person who ate it would have memories of the person who was eaten. Well, here a lot of abuse.

The story is that there is one person who knows the secret of the drink to make the immortal, I mean how to make it. That person’s name is Maiza. Maiza knows the secret because she is the one who performs rituals with demons to live eternally. And after it was successful, he took the initiative to keep it a secret for himself, because it was considered dangerous if disseminated.

However, there is one person who disagrees. His name is Szilard Quates. Szilard wanted to know the secret of how to make the drink for future use. But because he was rejected, he was angry. And eat people whose neighbors live eternally. Of course, Szilard tried to eat Maiza to read minds to find out the secret of the drink.

The above is indeed the foundation of the Baccano anime story! this. But because there are many points of view, there are several other stories that, although not related, are still in the same line as the story above.

Bacano! 03Bacano! Character

Well, this is what Ryougo Narita likes. I mentioned the point of view earlier, didn’t I? In this anime, there are many points of view, not just one or two people. Maybe you could say the whole character. Yes, so the story goes back and forth.

After this character’s story, I will return to another character but with the same plot. So even though the story is different, later you will also meet one character with another character.

Maybe if you watch Durarara you can understand what I mean. The point is that there is not only one point of view. And each character has a role that can be said to be quite large in the story here.

Bacano! 04Bacano! Art

Ryougo Narita’s portrayal is unique. Different from the others. Brain’s Base, the studio that handles this anime also works very well. The illustrations are truly stunning. Not to mention the dramatic scenes, really very well made.

Bacano! 05Bacano! Ost

Opening Song: Gun’s & Roses by Paradise Lunch and Ending Song: Calling by Oda Kaori. The opening theme is instrumental only and is a little longer than most other anime’s opening songs.

The illustrations introduce the characters more. So we can know the names of each character from the opening song.

In addition, the sound effects provided are quite stunning, which makes the bloody scene look more dramatic. The voice actors are amazing to fill in the character he plays. This can be seen from many scenes from every point of view.

Bacano! Overall

Storyline : 9.2 / 10
Character : 8 / 10
Art : 8 / 10
Ost : 8 / 10
Bacano! : 8.4 / 10

From my review above, it seems that I like this anime, right? But it’s true. But, because there are many points of view, so the story is a bit long-winded. Just imagine, one full story from episode one to the end on the train continues.

Yep, this is indeed a story dealing with trains. But I will not explain. Well, I admit anime is hard to follow. Not watching just one episode can be confused with the next story.

If you like heavy anime like the Monogatari series, even though it’s very different from Baccano!, but there’s no harm in trying to watch this.

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