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Binbougami ga! Anime Comedy, Supernatural Review

On this occasion I will review one of the anime, well, you could say one of my favorite Comedy anime is entitled Binbougami ga!

Title: Binbougami ga!
Release Date: 5 July 2012
Episode: 13
Duration: 23 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Comedy, Parody, Supernatural, Shounen
Story Source: Manga
Studio: Sunrise

Binbougami ga 01Binbougami ga! Synopsis

Thanks to her abundant luck, Sakura Ichiko has everything a girl could want: wealth, beauty, and even intelligence. However, this luck does not come by itself but is sucked from the people around Ichiko, and as a result, it causes misfortune to them.

To stop this injustice and return luck to its true owner, Momiji the God of Poverty is then sent to the human world, but whatever the reason, Ichiko refuses to just give up his life that has been so enjoyable.

Binbougami ga 02Binbougami ga! Storyline

Judging from the synopsis above, maybe someone thinks Binbougami anime isn’t! this is going to be mainstream with the Mystery genre, but in fact, this anime is more directed to the Comedy genre.

A battle between Luck and Misfortune, of course, luck should have won, but it wouldn’t be interesting to make it like that, and that’s how it happened here. From the first episode, we’ve been given Comedy which is quite stomach-churning, and it’s getting more and more hilarious as time goes on.

And there was one episode that forced me to pause because I couldn’t stop laughing. Even though there’s a lot of comedy here, the plot, which features two characters fighting each other over a certain kind of power, I think is common and too simple.

Binbougami ga 03Binbougami ga! Character

The characters Ichiko and Momiji are a perfect match, a match made in heaven, at least to make a slapstick comedy. Momiji who is always envious and resourceful against the arrogant and rude Ichiko, it is clear that the two were made together.

Both Ichiko and Momiji are very well prepared and developed. Even Ichiko’s arrogance is given the background and isn’t just a feature to compensate for Momiji. Then when these two characters then influence each other, the story can also develop from something simple to something meaningful.

Binbougami ga 04Binbougami ga! Art

This anime is not an Action anime, but the Action part is still using animations that look pretty fluid. While in the comedy section, the character poses and the right cinematography brings out the elements of humor to the maximum.

However, one thing that stands out the most is the voice-acting that fits perfectly with the characters, especially the two main characters, Ichiko and Momiji. So much so that their emotional changes feel more alive and easier to understand through their voices than visually.

Binbougami ga! Ost

The background music matches the existing scenes, especially during the Comedy scene, so it’s even more hilarious and lively. For the Opening, there is “Make My Day!” by Piko, while the ending is Koi Bōdō (恋暴動?, “Love Riot”) by Happy Birthday.

Binbougami ga! Overall

Storyline : 8 / 10
Character : 9 / 10
Art : 9 / 10
Ost : 8 / 10
Binbougami ga! : 8.5 / 10

For those of you who are bored and want to laugh, it’s fitting to watch this anime. Guaranteed stomach ache~ wkwkwk.

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