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Battle Programmer Shirase Anime Review

Battle Programmer Shirase or BPS  is an anime about the world of hacking. The hacking theme is probably much more interesting now, especially with the advancement of IT in the world. This is a review of the coolest BPS Hacker anime.

Title: Battle Programmer Shirase
Release Date: October 4, 2003
Episodes: 15
Duration: 12 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-Fi
Story Source: Original
Studio: AIC

Battle Programmer Shirase 01Battle Programmer Shirase Synopsis

Battle Programmer Shirase, also known as BPS, is a free programmer with super hacking abilities who don’t work for money. What he doesn’t work for is certainly something only people like him will appreciate. But, his demeanor was incompatible with the job he was hired for.

With the evil King of America causing trouble over the internet, Shirase is simply busy as each new adventure brings even more interesting people into the picture.

Battle Programmer Shirase Storyline

Using the Hacker theme and programming skills, this anime brings a new theme. We see that this anime was launched in 2003 when internet and IT technology was not as advanced as it is now. The concept of Hacking using network computers and also the telephone itself in my opinion is a very advanced breakthrough.

Overall the main idea of this anime story is cool. To be honest, the story in this anime ends very badly, which is only 15 episodes (why not 25 at all, right). In my opinion, this anime doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. This may be because the theme brought by this anime is too advanced for its era.

Although the basics of hacking given by this anime do not show the actual way of hacking, we get an idea of how cool a hacker himself is. Some of the cool things shown by this anime are about counter hacking via HP (seriously this is cool). As an anime by AIC, we certainly can’t get rid of this anime from Ecchi and Comedy elements.

For today’s standards Ecchinya is bearable and humorous..sorry bro, it’s so crispy. Maybe this is the main weakness of this anime that makes it not sell well other than the theme which is considered too advanced.

Battle Programmer Shirase Character

Character development in this anime is not very good. This anime focuses too much on the comedy element although, to be honest, it’s not very funny.

Another annoying thing is how they use an almost repetitive style every episode. However, the development of Shirase Akira’s character itself is getting enough attention. We can see how Shirase Akira works against hackers. His lewdness and stupidity until there is a secret hidden in his past.

Battle Programmer Shirase 03Battle Programmer Shirase Art

The animation design in this anime is standard when compared to Full Metal Alchemist (2003), or Chrono Crusade. This anime/anime character design doesn’t seem to be the side that the animation studio prioritizes.

Battle Programmer Shirase 04Battle Programmer Shirase Ost

Many say that the Opening and Ending of this anime is cool. But to be honest, I don’t think the opening or ending of this anime is that cool. Honestly, I rarely remember an Opening and Ending unless it’s quite a standout like Durarara’s Opening Ending, One Piece, Bleach, etc.

Battle Programmer Shirase Overall

Storyline : 8.8 / 10
Character : 7 / 10
Art : 7.5 / 10
Ost : 7 / 10
Battle Programmer Shirase : 8 / 10

The main strength of this anime is in the storyline. Having an original idea makes this anime quite fun to watch. But you have to be aware of the quality of the graphics and the humor which is a bit dry. I recommend this anime for you to watch, it’s cool.

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