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BanG Dream! Anime Manga Review!

BanG Dream! this is an anime band that can be said to be similar to K-ON!. It’s just that, the voice actors also have a band with the same name, they even had several concerts before the anime aired. The name of the band is Poppin’Party.

Title: BanG Dream!
Release Date: January 21, 2017
Episodes: 13
Duration: 24 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Music
Story Source: Manga
Studio: Xebec, Issen

BanG Dream 01BanG Dream! Synopsis

When she was little, Kasumi Toyama was always looking for the “Star Knock”, the sparkling and attractive sound she heard when looking at the night sky. After entering high school, Kasumi finds a “star-shaped guitar” in the warehouse of an ancient pawn shop.

Feeling a rush and excitement like she’s never felt before, Kasumi forms a team with four other girls and embarks on a journey in search of a sparkling spot. We promise to have a concert here!

Dream Band! Storyline

Maybe later I wil

BanG Dream 02

l compare it a lot with K-ON (I assume you have watched the K-ON anime), considering that the amazing anime band hasn’t appeared for a long time other than K-ON. Like K-ON, look for interesting extracurriculars, meet bands, get interested, make bands, find members, complete members, debut. The difference, in my opinion, Band Dream! it’s more of a drama.

In contrast to K-ON, which every episode sometimes likes to show random stories. It’s like a daily anime genre, even though the theme is a band. Well, if Band Dream! This is no, really think of the members. The approach of its members is more complicated. We will be introduced more to each character. From the shy, really PD, pretentious, shy, etc.

If you can compare it again, this anime is more about idols like Love Live, or [email protected] rather than bands. Because it pays more attention to the problems of its members. Why don’t you want to join? Why do you want to band? And others. Why play around, I’ll explain. Hope you understand.

BanG Dream 03BanG Dream! Character

Well, the important point in an anime band like this in my opinion is the character. If I compare it again with K-ON, in K-ON the characters are more popular, because they tend to be more every day than the band. Comedy, too. Well, if Bang Dream! ? Like I said before, Bang Dream! this is an idol band. Full drama from the members.

There is no joke. So our emotions are played with when watching. Sometimes I’m annoyed with this guy, sometimes I like this guy, sometimes I’m angry with this guy. The main character itself is in the five-member Poppin’Party band, including Kasumi Toyama, Arisa Ichigaya, Saaya Yamabuki, Tae Hanazono, and Rimi Ushigome. Kasumi is the main character who wants to make a band. He was initially attracted to the star guitar he found at Arisa’s house.

Then, he started to approach Arisa. Not to get the guitar. But let me see the guitar. This nature is ambitious, too PD, and shameless. But he is very reliable when his friends are in trouble. Arisa is the keyboardist.

He is the owner of the star guitar that Kasumi likes. He’s a smart person. Too lazy to go to school. Eng …, not lazy. It’s more embarrassing to be in a crowded place, so I rarely go to school. But he is smart, so his behavior with the teachers is forgiven.

BanG Dream 05This nature can be called a tsundere. More realistic about the environment, but if asked to do strange things sometimes like to lose and eventually want to join in. Then Saaya, she is the drummer. At first, Saaya started a band with her friends when she was in middle school. But because there was a problem that made him stop playing the band. Then Kasumi started to find out the reason.

I am a person who likes to suppress feelings. He doesn’t want to tell other people, that’s why it’s hard to find solutions to the problems he faces. And on the bassist there is Rumi. Rumi has the cutest voice. She has an older sister named Yuri Ushigome who is also a member of the band from Glitter*Green. Rumi is very shy. Don’t be afraid of what he’s doing.

But, one time Kasumi changed it a bit to be more daring than before. The last one is Tae. At first, I thought this Tae was like Mio. It turned out to be very different. He is a guitarist and a part-timer at SPACE (the studio where Poppin’Party wants to perform). I’m not going to talk about this SPACE.

What is clear is that Tae is almost like Kasumi childish, but at a low level. If I had to choose, I would choose Arisa. He is more realistic in his thinking, although his tsundere can be annoying at times.

BanG Dream! Art

The studio in charge is Xebec. The rendered graphics somehow feel like Love Live!. Besides that, I like the band scene, using 3D, but still pleasing to the eye. Smooth and smooth movement is a plus here.

BanG Dream! Ost

Opening Song: Tokimeki Experience! by Poppin’Party and Ending Song: Kirakira Da Toka Yume Da Toka: Sing Girls ~Sing Girls~ by Poppin’Party. The song Poppin’Party is delicious, lo. The concert was great too, cool! I’m confused when it comes to sound. The problem is more focused on the songs. Genuinely delicious.

BanG Dream! Overall

Storyline : 7 / 10
Character : 8 / 10
Art : 9 / 10
Ost : 9.5 / 10
BanG Dream! : 8.5 / 10

If you like watching idol anime, you can try watching this anime. Even though this anime has a low rating, I honestly enjoy every episode myself. The drama that is presented is interesting because it makes the audience’s feelings go up and down.

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