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Bakemono no Ko Anime Adventure, Supernatural Review

This time, I will review one that has been released for a long time but until now it is still much in demand by many people, the title is Bakemono no Ko. Bakemono no Ko is an anime with a Movie type, meaning that it only has one episode. This movie has a really good story with a very thick fantasy-action genre. As expected, this anime by Studio Shizu is cool.

Title: Bakemono no Ko
Release Date: 11 July 2015
Episodes: 1
Duration: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Genre: Adventure, Supernatural
Story Source: Original
Studio: Studio Chizu

Bakemo no Ko 01Bakemono no Ko Synopsis

A city where humans live peacefully and it turns out that behind all that, life on the other side occupied by monsters turns out to exist and cannot be reached by humans with just a little knowledge. This story is a story about the adventures of a child who is plunged into the world of the monster. Ren, a 9-year-old boy lost his mother and had to live with his mother’s family. Remembering his father who left him, he hated his father and made up his mind to live alone and refused to be adopted. One day, he meets Beast, someone who looks like an animal, and invites him to go out with him. After Ren entered the city full of monsters, he finally grew up and lived there.

Bakemono no Ko 02Bakemono no Ko Storyline

In terms of story, this anime managed to provide an interesting story with strong elements of adventure and the supernatural. Focus on Ren or also known as Kyuuta, taken from the age of Ren who was still 9 given by Kumatetsu, the Beast who met Kyuuta in the human world. Besides Ren or Kyuuta, this anime is also more focused on telling about Kumatetsu, a strong monster, and martial arts expert. He has a serious rival named Iozan, a fierce rival for the seat of Shibutengai leader. Unfortunately, to participate in the election of this new leader, candidates must have at least one disciple. But unfortunately, Kumatetsu is hated by others and no one wants to be his student. When he was with his friends in the human world, he met Ren and finally invited Ren into his world to be made a disciple. Initially, Ren himself followed Kumatetsu, and eventually, Ren became Kumatetsu’s student.

Bakemono no Ko 03Bakemono no Ko Character

Talking about the character, the seiyuu’s appearance is very lively and sounds very pro. When it comes to character art and characterizations, it’s really good, especially the combination between the human and monster worlds is very interesting. The following are important characters in Bakemono no Ko: First Ren (Kyuuta), The main character in this anime. He is a brave and kind child. Even though his story is dark because his mother and father left him, he remains strong and trains himself. Kumatetsu, His nature is rough, stubborn, and unruly, similar to a bear (Indeed a bear monster). Even so, he is a strict teacher and trains Kyuuta to be a great fighter, even though at first the two of them don’t get along very well. Kaede, This girl meets Kyuuta as Ren. He is very kind and brave, willing to continue with Ren in facing every problem. Kaede is also one of the reasons why Ren will continue to be beside Kumatetsu. Ichirohiko, son of Kumatetsu’s arch-rival, Iozan. He has very respect for his father and is very optimistic that his father can beat Kumatetsu. This character is Ren’s biggest enemy. Iozan is a very skilled and strong wild boar monster. He is also the closest candidate for leadership because he is wise and always calm, in contrast to Kumatetsu who is very clumsy.

Bakemono no Ko 04Bakemono no Ko Art

The art or graphics of this anime have almost the same quality as Wolf Children or Toki o Kakeru Shoujo, it’s natural because the three anime were produced directly by Studio Chizu with very distinctive artwork. In addition, your eyes will be spoiled with a very colorful, smooth, and super-sharp appearance!

Bakemono no Ko Ost

For the OST itself, both Opening and Ending, everything is good. In addition, the accompaniment music during this anime is also really cool.

Bakemono no Ko Overall

Storyline : 9 / 10
Character : 7.5 / 10
Art : 8 / 10
Ost : 8.5 / 10
Bakemono no Ko : 8.2 / 10

Okay fine, ignore the picture. Well, Bakemono no Ko is an anime that has an interesting story, the artwork is cool, the characters are no less good, the OST is good to hear, so what’s wrong with trying it? Not watching this anime movie, I’m sorry.

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