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Ben To Anime Action, Comedy, Martial Arts Review

Ben To Anime review that is quite unusual. This anime is titled Ben-To, an anime with combat, intrigue, and strategy involving Bento. How is the story? see the review below.
Title: Ben To
Release Date: October 9, 2011
Episodes: 12
Duration: 24 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
Story Source: Light novel
Studio: David Production
Ben-To 01Ben To Synopsis
Living in a dormitory and with limited funds, Satou You must be very frugal when choosing his dinner. That’s why, when he visited the supermarket one evening, he was overjoyed to find the bento – bento sold at half price.
However, it turns out that he is not alone in pursuing the bento – the bento – bento – bento – and when you see people – the so-called “Wolf” fight each other for dinner, You decide to be one of them.
Ben-To 02Ben To Storyline
Despite using a unique setting, the plot itself is too simple and lacks anything special. At first, this anime did look different from other anime when comparing the lives of “Wolves” with real wolves, describing the situations they face in supermarkets as challenges in the wild like animals fighting for food, but after that, the story turns into a territorial rivalry between fellow “Wolves”, this anime is more or less like an anime about fights between gangs that have been raised too often and without a definite purpose.
The strongest element of the story is the Comedy, but this one doesn’t last long either. After the middle of the story, funny moments become very rare, and there is only a repetition of the previous jokes with very few changes.
Ben-To 03Ben To Character
Character development in this anime in my opinion is lacking. This anime only focuses on the main character Satou and forgets the development of other characters like Butterfly or Wizard though. The character that I think should get more portion is the Wizard.
Ben-To 04Ben To Art
The battle scenes between “Wolves” look very exciting. From the special techniques of some of the characters to the close-up and dynamic look when their attacks hit the target, this anime goes to great lengths to get the fans involved the audience to feel the spirit of the “Wolf”.
But unfortunately, the coloring in this anime character in my opinion is less varied (for example how Twin Wolf and Ice Witch have the same hair color).
Ben To Ost
The opening of this anime is quite good compared to the ending. I enjoyed the opening of this anime, but I enjoyed the Jingle supermarket more in this anime.. (I always remember the word Sakana-Sakana-Sakana because of this anime).
Ben To Overall
Storyline : 5 / 10
Character : 6 / 10
Art : 7.5 / 10
Ost : 7 / 10
Ben-To : 6.5 / 10
The weakness of this anime is more on its ridiculous ideas and the battles that are getting lamer and lamer. Well, okay, I can accept the initial battles of this anime, but over time, this bento fight becomes unclear and too forced.

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