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Ajin Anime Action, Mystery, Horror Review

I watched the Ajin anime from episode 7, because I watched episodes one to 6 on the big screen version. They said there were no additional scenes, so I didn’t watch them.

At least in episode 7, before Kei came out of the sea, there was a new scene. Those who have watched it will know. Okay, just look at the review.

Title : Ajin
Release Date : January 16, 2016
Episodes : 13
Duration : 24 Minutes per Eps
Genre : Action, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Seinen
Story Source : Manga
Studio : Polygon Pictures

Baby Steps 01Ajin Anime Synopsis

Tells about the Eternal Man (cannot die) called Ajin. Seventeen years ago, they first appeared on the battlefield in Africa. Since then, several of their types have mingled in human society.

Now they are very rare and for experimental purposes, the government will reward anyone who catches one Ajin. One day, a high school student named Kei Nagai, only finds out that he is an immortal human “Ajin” when he is hit by a truck.

He becomes wanted because Ajins are considered criminals and the only person who is there to support him is his best friend, Kaito.

Baby Steps 02Ajin Anime Storyline

The story is interesting, about humans who can’t die (for the context of not dying while we don’t know, there could be weaknesses that make them die), but I’d say they can’t die. And they are called Ajin, why can’t they die, because when shot or do something that triggers death, Ajin will come back to life.

For example, being shot, the wound will heal and come back to life. But there is an interesting fact, in which episode I forgot, there was one Ajin whose legs were paralyzed (correct me if I’m wrong), and had to walk with a cane. He said he had attempted suicide to reset his body. Indeed, he came back to life, but his paralysis remained and did not reset. Maybe if the congenital can not be cured, yes.

In addition, this Ajin also has another power, namely being able to take out IBM. Forgot what it stands for, obviously Invisible Subject. (uh yeah, right?). So, there are various ghosts that can move according to Ajin’s wishes.

But, here the main character named Kei Nagai, he can take it out but this IBM seems to live on his own free will, not controlled. Oh, yes, on the big screen, Kei has the power to scream. So if you scream and someone hears it, that person will freeze and can’t move for a while. As for the storyline itself, I think it’s pretty mainstream.

I mean the story of Ajin is described as evil by humans, and humans always make Ajin a dangerous fugitive. But, on the one hand Ajin there are good and evil.

So Ajin has his own conflict. Isn’t it almost the same as other stories? And can it be called mainstream? I take the example of Owari no Seraph, the vampires are bad and some are good, right? Although the story is much different. If in Seraph it’s because of coercion, like it or not, he’s really a vampire.

Baby Steps 03Ajin Anime Character

I will not discuss many characters, just two. Namely Kei Nagai and Satou. Kei is the main character, and Satou is the antagonist. I was surprised at Kei, he seemed to learn something quickly.

Well … at the beginning of the episode he is indeed described as an intelligent character. But, if I see the progress is great. He was able to adapt to what was going on. Even when he had to live outside the city he could adapt quickly.

Baby Steps 04Ajin Anime Art

The graphics are pretty cool, 3D anyway, but pretty well drawn. Especially his IBM during the fight scene. Wow cool. For those who don’t like 3D graphics, it might be a bit how it looks, but it’s okay.

Especially with the wrapping of an interesting story. But, if I see one character that is focused on, for some reason I feel weird seeing it. Nice 2D. Ha ha. But if it’s crowded, it’s quite pleasing to the eye and fun.

The problem is that in 3D, the scenes are usually flexible, they don’t skip. All characters move, so it’s not just important characters that move. Although not all 3D is like that, really.

Ajin Ost
Opening Song: Yoru wa Nemureru kai? by flumpool and Ending Song: HOW CLOSE YOU ARE by Mamoru Miyano. The ost is cool, especially the opening song. Because I already know from the big screen.

The sound effects are no less cool, especially during the IBM battle scene. Mantep, like watching an action movie.

Ajin Overall
Storyline : 9.2 / 10
Character : 7 / 10
Art : 8.5 / 10
Ost : 9 / 10
Ajin : 8.8 / 10

Saying it was delicious, I really enjoyed this anime. Because it’s curious. Especially at the end of the story. Only, the 3D graphics are a bit like that. For those who like action anime, anime is suitable to watch.

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