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Amanchu Anime Slice of Life Review

Amanchu! is one of the works of the author Kozue Amano. Another thing that makes This Anime different from other Amano’s works is that you can say, Amanchu! is a semi-sports manga. By carrying out scuba diving as the main theme, we will also be introduced to some of the basics of this beautiful sport.

Title: Amanchu!
Release Date: July 8, 2016
Episodes: 12
Duration: 23 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Shounen
Story Source: Manga
Studio: J.C. Staff

Amanchu! 01Amanchu! Synopsis

Tells the story of a girl, Futaba Ooki who has just moved from the city to a suburb near the sea, in that city he meets a girl who is energetic and likes diving, a girl named Hikari Kohinata.

One day Futaba Ooki was dragged by him to the dive club, Futaba didn’t like diving but thanks to Hikari, Futaba slowly liked him. Thanks to the diving club, Futaba has changed into a new world which she has never experienced in her life.

Amanchu! 0Amanchu! Storyline

Although at first glance this anime looks like it is telling a story Introducing Futaba to the world of Scuba Diving, in essence, this anime invites the audience to live life in a relaxed manner while always thinking positively.

As a result, because the characters are often shown just playing around, this anime seems a bit empty of entertainment. However, the story in each episode flows smoothly, the message in it is also successfully conveyed clearly. In addition, this anime is also able to effectively include several light comedies to prevent the nuances of the story from becoming too monotonous.

There is no guarantee that the audience will feel satisfied after watching it, but objectively, the quality of this anime’s story is not inferior to other Slice of life anime.

Amanchu! 03Amanchu! Character

Amanchu! focuses more on character development and the bonds that exist in the dive club. Futaba is one of the characters in this anime who is focused on character development starting from being shy to being bolder and more open. Futaba is a shy person, she has always been nervous about dealing with other people.

Even at the new school, Futaba didn’t have any friends, when he wanted to get acquainted he was nervous and ended up not getting acquainted. But there is one person who becomes Futaba’s friend, namely Hikari, he is the one who attracts Futaba and makes acquaintances until they finally become friends.

Futaba, who is still shy, is invited by Hikari to the dive club because according to Hikari, diving can see a different world. Futaba was initially reluctant to enter the diving club but when he saw with his own eyes he became interested in joining the dive club.

Amanchu! 04Amanchu! Art

I give a thumbs up to J.C. Staff for successfully bringing out the beauty and beauty of the characters along with their soothing environment in a very stable manner. The transition between the poetic animation, especially the animation on water which can be one of the best, and also the comedy scene is also very smooth.

Amanchu! 05Amanchu! Ost

BGM served in Amanchu! it fits perfectly with the theme of water and diving, especially when ending there is a surprise insertion of soft and soothing songs.

Amanchu! Overall

Storyline: 7.5 / 10
Characters: 8/10
Art: 8.8 / 10
Ost: 8/10
Amanchu! : 8/10

Indeed Amanchu! is not an anime that can be enjoyed by all people, especially in the “Isekai” trend season like now. For those of you who are hot-blooded and young at heart, adventure seekers might want to avoid this one anime. But for those of you who like everyday themes, Amanchu! could be a pretty good spectacle.

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