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Acchi Kocchi Anime Slice of Life Review

An anime filled with moe characters, the title is Acchi Kocchi. An anime that was first adapted from the 4-comma manga of the same title.

Title: Acchi Kocchi (TV)
Release Date: April 6, 2012
Number of Episodes: 12
Duration: 25 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School, Seinen
Story Source: 4-comma manga
Studio: AIC

Acchi Kocchi 01Acchi Kocchi Synopsis

Tells the story of a high school boy-girl couple, Otonashi Io and Miniwa Tsumiki. It was clear from Tsumiki’s attitude that she liked Io, but look at her that she was too tsundere and couldn’t speak her feelings honestly and straightforwardly. Io too was completely unaware of what Tsumiki was feeling.

But … every day they both look closely. The cuteness, weirdness, fun, and madness of his three friends: Haruno Hime, Katase Mayoi, and Inui Sakaki; be a romantic comedy anime that is sweet and warm. It’s adorable in almost every episode!

Acchi Kocchi 02Acchi Kocchi Storyline

In short, this anime tells about the school life of a high school girl named Miniwa Tsumiki who always harbored feelings for her male friend named Otonashi Io. Even though he has given various signals indicating his liking for Io, Tsumiki still finds it difficult to make Io realize that he likes him.

This is exacerbated by Tsunderenya’s attitude which makes it very difficult for her to express her liking to Io, as a result, this moment is often used by their friends like Sakaki or Mayoi to tease Tsumiki. On the other hand, Io himself is described as a super perfect guy who can make any girl clench but has a super sensibility, .. yup that’s what makes this story a tale of endless chases.

Funny, cute, and light, that’s the first impression when I watched this anime. When I first saw this anime, the cute impression that was generated was very pronounced. The cute impression that appears is supported by many things such as cute background music and character designs that seem chibi.

Well, in this anime I also saw a lot of cats. Cats seem to represent all the cuteness of the characters in this anime. This beast also in some ways represents Tsumiki in several ways such as her cuteness and obsession with Io.

Acchi Kocchi 03Acchi Kocchi Character

With Io who is insensitive and Tsumiki who is tsundere, this anime actually almost feels bland, but fortunately, this anime is not focused only on these two characters. There are always Sakaki and Mayoi to enliven the atmosphere.

Their crazy ideas that make Io and Tsumiki objects or the victim can bring out comedy from even the simplest of situations. Then there is Hime, apart from occasionally replacing Io and Tsumiki, this innocent girl also multiplies Sakaki and Mayoi’s comedy by further clarifying the weirdness of their ideas.

And complementing this anime are the supporting characters such as the male tsundere Kyouya, Sakibara the teaser, the childish Anna, the shy teacher Kikue, and many more, all of which can be alternatives to the five main characters mentioned above. In short, this anime has managed to collect characters that are not only varied but also have combinations with seemingly limitless comedy potential.

Acchi Kocchi 04Acchi Kocchi Art

Now, Artwork. If you like cute character designs and occasionally make chibi / deformed, then you will have no problem. The coloring problem, for me, is already suitable for anime of this type, Bright and colorful. There is another minor visual issue that I like even though some people may overlook it. What is that? Yep, frame transitions between scenes. Simple, unique, and artistic.

Acchi Kocchi Ost

Opening Theme “Acchi de Kocchi de” by Acchi Kocchi and Ending Theme “Te wo Gyu Shite ne” by Tsumiki Miniwa. Ost … although none of them are good, the opening or ending is in my playlist, but I have to admit that both are quite pleasing to the ear. Made as cute and funny as possible!

Acchi Kocchi Overall

Storyline: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Art: 9/10
Ost: 7.5 / 10
Acchi Kocchi (TV): 8/10

Make this anime for cuteness, heartwarming aura, the game between characters, and also for Tsumiki and Io. Very very suitable as a stress reliever (after school, college, work). Guaranteed to immediately lose all kinds of depression !. Highly recommended for viewers who like everything cute and sassy, wrapped in a slow-paced Comedy Romance Slice of Life package.

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