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11eyes Anime Action, Supernatural Review

11eyes Anime is a Visual novel developed and published by Lass which was first released on April 25, 2008, for PC and Microsoft Windows as a DVD. 11 Eyes is the fourth game of Lass, a port played on the Xbox 360 entitled 11 Eyes CrossOver, released and published by 5pb on April 2, 2009.

11 Eyes is adapted into a manga illustrated by Naoto Ayano who started serialization in Kadokawa Comp Ace magazine. The October 2009 edition of Shoten was then made into an anime series produced by Doga Kobo and directed by Masami Shimoda, airing in Japan since October 7, 2009.

Title: 11eyes
Release Date: October 7, 2009
Episodes: 12
Duration: 25 Minutes per Eps
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Super Power, Supernatural
Story Source: Visual novel
Studio: Doga Kobo

11eyes 01Synopsis of 11eyes Anime

The story centers on Satsuki Kakeru and Minase Yuka, high school students. Kakeru and his friends who are trapped in another dimension called “Red Night” must try hard to survive the attacks of monsters that chase and want to kill him. Those who do not understand at all about this strange incident try to find out what the world is and end it.

11eyes 0Storyline 11eyes Anime

The story begins when Kakeru and Yuka are walking towards the city for shopping, where on their way they are surprised by the color of the sky changing to red and the moon turning black. Not long after, several monsters appeared who were chasing and trying to attack them. Those who tried to run from the monster’s chase finally made them unconsciously get out of this strange incident.

Those who did not understand what had happened believed that it was all a dream until finally for the second time the incident happened again and they were sure that this strange incident was not a dream. Kusakabe Misuzu, a class XII student who saved them both from being chased by monsters, explained that the strange incident occurred in another dimension that looked similar to their original world and named this strange incident “Red Night”.

In that world, those who are dragged into the red night will have magical power, which is useful for protecting themselves from monster attacks. The “Red Night” incident makes Kakeru and Yuka meet people who have the same fate, where they all have to try to survive a monster attack while “Red Night” is in progress. Those who don’t know why they have to fight and try to survive on the principle of killing or being killed decide to work together to protect each other as the red night progresses and find out what the world is.

The six shadows who call themselves “Black Knights” and for some unknown reason want to kill Kakeru and his friends. The fight between Kakeru and his friends with the black knight is finally inevitable, where the black knight has what is known about the red night and how to end it, on the other hand, Kakeru and his friends have the potential to end the world so that it becomes a threat to the black knight.

11eyes 0311eyes Anime Characters

I will discuss only the main characters. First Tachibana Kukuri, Kukuri is a strange mute girl who looks very much like Kakeru’s dead sister. The two Satsuki Kakeru, Kakeru are high school students who have different eye colors from each other. That’s why Kakeru wore an eye patch on his right eye to avoid other people’s gazes. Kakeru, who was traumatized during his childhood, made him close his heart to others.

The third Minase Yuka, Yuka is Kakeru’s childhood friend who is very close to him. Yuka is a person who can make Kakeru feel better, remembering bad events in his past. The fourth Kusakabe Misuzu, Misuzu is a red-haired swordsman who comes from the kusakabe clan who is famous for having demon blood in his bloodline and five demonic swords known as the five kusakabe treasures.

Misuzu is Kakeru and Yuka’s senior at school. Filler. Fifth, Hirohara Yukiko, Yukiko is a kind-hearted girl who has multiple personalities, where when she doesn’t wear her glasses she will become a cold-blooded killer girl. And the last Tajima Takahisa is a man who looks naughty and badass in his school but has a kind heart.

11eyes 04Art 11eyes Anime

11 Eyes has graphics with good and attractive image quality. Considering this anime was released in 2009, but in my opinion, the graphics are like the 2012 anime. The magic effects during the action scenes also look cool.

11eyes Anime Ost

The OST itself is quite pleasant to hear, especially the opening theme, entitled Arrival of Tears.

11eyes Anime Overall Rating
Storyline: 8.2 / 10
Characters: 8/10
Art: 8.5 / 10
Ost: 8/10
11eyes: 8.4 / 10

Overall this anime has an interesting story, not to mention the action scenes contained in it are pretty cool. The battles that are presented are not boring, it’s just that in my opinion, the ending of the anime story itself is less than satisfying.

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