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Five Dragon Ball Movies That Failed to Be Popular

Various titles of animated Dragon Ball Movies have aired for fans. Among the dozens of titles, some are considered classic and timeless but some have sunk and faded from memory over the years.
Usually due to a lack of distribution process for films in English or because the film is too old. Here are five Dragon Ball Movies that are included in the list, as quoted on the CBR page, Sunday (14/3):

Dragon Ball Movies 011. Dragon Ball Movies : Curse of the Blood Rubies

This is the first Dragon Ball film released in 1986. In the story, Goku’s dragon ball is stolen by Bongo and Pasta. To track him down, Goku and his new friend Bulma go on an adventure and encounter another row of iconic characters.
The trip also introduces the audience to the mysterious Blood Rubies. This film is quite hazy from memory due to the history of voiceover. In the 1980s,  Harmony Gold bought the film and cut it up while doing the voiceover.

When they did a test show of the film, the results were bad enough but it was impossible to cancel. Fans call this phenomenon the “Lost Dub”. Funimation bought a license in 1995 and worked to improve it.
However, the new version also features a few cuts so the story remains less clear to fans. Uncut releases in English only arrived in 2009 and now it’s hard to find a film anywhere.

Dragon Ball Movies 022. Dragon Ball Movies : Mystical Adventure

Originally released in 1988, Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure is the third Dragon Ball film. Goku and Krillin train with Master Roshi in preparation for the World Martial Arts Tournament at Mifan, but the tournament doesn’t go smoothly.
The film is not well-remembered for being part of Harmony Gold’s “Lost Dub”. Cinema wasn’t generally available until 2000 when Funimation released a new dub. Its strange release history makes most people forget its existence.

Dragon Ball Movies 033. Dragon Ball Movies : The Path to Power

The sequel to the film Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure was released in 1996, adapting part of the Red Ribbon story and celebrating the 10th anniversary of Dragon Ball. Cinema arrived in the United States in 2003, many years after that.
Young Goku and Bulma appear in the film, as well as Master Roshi, Oolong, Yamcha, and Android 8. Unfortunately, this cinema does not attract the attention of fans. Many are more interested in Dragon Ball Z, not another story from the original Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Movies 044. Dragon Ball Movies : The World’s Strongest

It is the second title in the Dragon Ball Z film lineup. The film was released in 1990 in Japan and was only shown in the United States in 1998 by Pioneer Home Video and Funimation, then a new, unedited version arrived in 2006.
Still, this film is hard to find and not many Dragon Ball fans remember the film. The cinema tells of Gohan and Oolong who are looking for Dragon Ball, while they also have to face the antagonist, Dr. Kochin.

Dragon Ball Movies 055. Dragon Ball Movies : Dragon Ball Z Bio-Broly

The 11th Dragon Ball Z cinema features characters such as Dr. Collie, Mr. Satan, Jaguar, Trunks, Goten, and Android 18. Funimation released the film in 2005, but most fans ignore it and now don’t remember it anymore.
Moreover, if this title is compared to other films in the Broly saga which are considered to have much more interesting stories. As such, many fans missed it and went straight to the more popular films in the franchise.

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