Conducting research is quite a lonesome activity. But it does not need to be. Peers can help you to see clearer what you are looking for. On May 21 2019 THEA Joint Research Group, an informal research platform on the theatricality and the real reuniting both academic and artistic researchers affiliated to Brussels-based universities and art schools organizes a day of reflexion, discussion and exchange. Along the lines of the philosophy of Entre-Aide (a term coined by the anarchist Kropotkin as early as 1902 as an antidote to the devastating competition of social darwinism) we will discuss your research and that of your fellow travelers.

Several THEA members have invited artists and/or academics to discuss their work with the group in different set-ups. Frans-Willem Korsten, professor of Literature & Culture at Leiden University and mentor at Piet Zwart Academy, will be our fellow traveller for the day and will provide you with feedback on your work.

Time schedule:

10u Ellen VERMEULEN (PhD in the arts RITCS/VUB): the ethics of documentary. Invitee: Pieter De Buysser

11u Marte VAN HASSEL (PhD in theatre studies ULB): decolonization and its methodological consequences. Invitee: Sanne Sinnige.

13u30 Michèle FORNHOFF (PhD theatre studies ULB). Ethnoscenology as practice/theory for academics and artists. Invitee: Jean-Marie Pradier.

14u30 Rodrigue YAO NORMAN (Doctorat Arts et Sciences de l’Art ULB/INSAS) – Théâtre, didactisme, militantisme et émancipation citoyenne au Togo. Invitee: Yves Claessens.

15u30 Jan GEERS (PhD in the arts RITCS/VUB). The community of socio-artistic practice. Invitee: Jan Vromman.

16u30 Frans-Willem KORSTEN: concluding remarks, perspectives, discussion.

Tuesday 21 May 2019 10:00 – 17:00, RITCS School of Arts, 3rd floor, Rue A. Dansaertstraat 70, 1000 Brussels.

Please confirm your presence by sending an email to

Org. THEA Joint Research Group in collaboration with RITCS, VUB and ULB.


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