Prof. Helen Brooks
02 December 2016, 14:00-17:00 | K.U. Leuven | Faculty of Social Sciences, Parkstraat 45, 3000 Leuven | Entrance is free, but it is required to register in advance here | For additional information, please contact prof. Roel Vande Winkel and/or dr. Leen Engelen |

On Friday December 2, 2016, the Scientific Research Community “Cultures of Spectacle” invites Prof. Helen Brooks (University of Kent) for a research seminar. “Cultures of Spectacle” is an interdisciplinary platform for historical research on film, theatre, dance and musical performance.

Building on her experience of undertaking ‘public engagement’ projects and activities, both with volunteers and partner organisations, prof. Helen Brooks will discuss the benefits and challenges of such collaborations in this seminar. She will explore how she has worked with volunteers on an archival research project into theatre during the First World War, explaining how it was designed and then adapted as it developed, and how she is intending to develop it further, and offering it as one model for ‘citizen history’. She will also discuss her experiences of working with partner organisations such as theatres, archives. Whilst her work as a theatre historian means much of this work is theatre-history focussed, the focus of her seminar will be on methodologies and approaches, and the examples she will discuss will therefore be applicable as models to a range of other historical projects.

The THEA Research Group is part of the Scientific Research Network “Cultures of Spectacle” (WOG “Spektakelcultuur”), that is funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). The Institute for Media Studies (prof. Roel Vande Winkel and dr. Leen Engelen, KU Leuven) will function as the core group.